Top 10 Best Cat Litter Brands

If you have a cat, you know how messy and smelly the area around the litter box can get.

However, by using the best cat litter possible, the situation can be quite tolerable, even when you have more than one cat.

What to Look for?

To give you some guidance on what to look for when shopping for cat litter, I’ve created a list of the most important things to consider.

You need to focus on:

  • Odor control
  • Easy to scoop
  • Low-dust
  • Natural materials that are eco-friendly
  • Affordable

If you’re using an automatic self-cleaning litter box, be very careful about which cat litter you purchase. Most of these manufacturers have strict guidelines on which litter to use.

Because there are so many brands on the market, I strongly recommend that you focus your search among the very best cat litter brands. Using my list below, pick a few that look promising, and see what products they have to offer.

These are the top 10 brands:

Arm & Hammer

The popular Arm & Hammer brand was created in the 1860s by John Dwight and Dr. Austin Church of the Church & Dwight Company.

Ever since the founding of the company in 1846, baking soda has been the core of the business. Today, baking soda is used as an ingredient in toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergents, and cat litter.

Arm & Hammer makes several top-rated cat litter products that all have great odor control, such as Clump & Seal, Double Duty, Super Scoop, Multi-Cat, and Ultra Last.

To take a look at their best-selling litters, click here.


Precious Cat

The Precious Cat brand of products is the brain child of feline veterinarian Dr. Bruce Elsey. He wanted to use his 35+ years of experience to help cats become healthier and happier.

To do that, Dr. Elsey created a variety of cat litters designed to help cats that are reluctant to use their litter boxes.

His best-selling litter is the extremely popular Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter. It’s an all-natural (100% bentonite) litter that is dust-free to 99.9%.

Tidy Cats

Tidy Cats is owned and operated by pet industry giant Nestlé Purina PetCare; founded more than 120 years ago.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Purina makes pet food, treats, and litter for a global market under several different brands.

The Tidy Cats brand is all about cat litters; clumping, non-clumping, lightweight, scented, natural. They really have a wide variety of cat litters. I’m sure you’ll find something your cat likes.

Here’s the highly rated Tidy Cats Clumping 24/7 Performance LightWeight Litter:

Yesterday’s News

Yesterday’s News is another brand owned by Nestlé Purina PetCare.

Yesterday’s News has specialized in making eco-friendly cat litter made from recycled paper. It’s a non-clumping litter that’s softer and more absorbent than clay litter, and it’s almost completely dust-free.

For this reason, veterinarians recommend this product for cats fresh out of surgery.

It’s available in two versions; scented and unscented. This is the popular and highly rated Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Cat Litter:


World’s Best Cat Litter

Launched in 1998, and owned by the Iowa-based Kent Pet Group, World’s Best Cat Litter (WBCL) sets the expectations somewhere in the stratosphere already by the choice of name.

With a very different type of litter, WBCL actually manages to live up to their cocky name. I’d at least say that they are one of the best brands on the market.

Now, what’s so special about their litter? Corn!

Yes, that’s right. WBCL compresses corn to make natural eco-friendly granules that absorb more urine, clumps quicker, and retains bad odor more effectively than clay-based litter. The wonderful properties of corn allows you to use less litter and still get the job done.

Other advantages with the WBCL corn litter is that it’s 99% dust-free, and that you can flush it down the toilet (first check to see if that’s allowed where you live).

They have a wide range of products to choose from, but this is one of their best-selling cat litters:


Feline Pine

The introduction of a more natural and healthy cat litter took place in 1992 when Feline Pine was launched.

Now owned by the Church & Dwight Company (that also owns Arm & Hammer), Feline Pine makes environmentally friendly cat litter from Southern Yellow Pine trees.

They make both clumping and non-clumping litter, available in bags of a few different sizes. The 100% natural and dust-free Feline Pine Original Litter is the most popular product:


Scoop Away

Launched in 1999, Scoop Away makes clumping cat litter made from clay. They are now based in Oakland, California, and owned by the Clorox Company.

There are both scented and unscented versions, as well as a product that includes odor absorbent crystals. Several of their cat litters are fortified with something they call Ammonia Shield, which is said to eliminate bad odor.

The Scoop Away brand has become increasingly popular among America’s cat owners in recent years, and their most popular product is the Super Clump Litter with Ammonia Shield:


Cat’s Pride

The all-American Cat’s Pride brand was born in 1960 when the Oil-Dri Corporation of America decided to enter the cat litter market.

For almost 60 years now, Cat’s Pride has been focused on producing high-quality cat litter products from clay minerals.

Due to their extensive industry experience, and by making great lightweight low-dust cat litters, Cat’s Pride has been able to build a solid reputation among American customers.

The Fresh & Light is currently their best-selling litter product:

Nature’s Miracle

Founded by Joe Weiss in 1981, Nature’s Miracle is a maker of pet products. Stain and odor removers, cat crates, and cat litters are just some of the many products sold.

Now based in Blacksburg, Virginia, Nature’s Miracle makes all types of cat litters. Clay-, crystal-, pine-, and corn-based litters. They have it all.

This highly rated crystal cat litter absorbs urine and odor, dehydrates feces, and releases a fresh scent:


sWheat Scoop

Started in 1993 by a family in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, sWheat Scoop set out to produce a cat litter that would be environmentally safe.

Instead of using clay, sWheat Scoop makes natural clumping litter from wheat. It’s all natural, eco-friendly and completely biodegradable.

Now run by Pet Care Systems, sWheat Scoop products are sold to satisfied customers worldwide.

If you are interested in what they have to offer, here’s a list of their products currently sold on Amazon.

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