Can Hamsters Eat Cheese?

Billions of people love to eat cheese. I know I do.

But what about pet rodents. Can hamsters eat cheese, and do they like it?

Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Cheese?

YES, Syrian hamsters can eat cheese.

To grow and stay healthy all hamsters require a daily supply of protein. Cheese not only contains vitamins and important minerals like calcium, but it’s also a great source of protein. So yes, you can absolutely feed your hammie cheese.

But be aware that cheese contains a lot of salt, and can be high in saturated fat, so you should only give it as an occasional treat. Don’t include it in the regular food.

I’d recommend that you give moderate amounts of mild low-fat cheese once or twice a month (once a week tops). A full teaspoon, or a few small shreds if it’s hard cheese, is a good rule of thumb.

Can Hamsters Eat Cheese?

As with any new type of food, in order to avoid stomach issues, it’s important that you introduce the cheese slowly.

Start by giving your hamster very small quantities, and monitor it carefully for a a couple of days to spot negative reactions like stress, sickness or diarrhea. If your little friend shows any negative signs, stop feeding it!

If not, go ahead and give a it little more two weeks later. Continue to monitor your hamster’s health and behavior. If everything is still normal, you’re probably good to go.

Fun Facts About Cheese

What Types of Cheese Can They Eat?

They can eat most types of cheese, but the two best types to give are mild hard cheese, and unflavored cottage cheese. Both low fat of course.

Cheese puffs are not ok for your hammie to eat, as they contain way too much salt.

You should also NOT give flavored and processed cheese, and especially not Blue Cheese as it’s toxic to small rodents.

Do Hamsters Like Cheese?

Well yes, most hamsters like cheese! Just watch this little guy happily munching on a big piece of cheese:

Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Cheese?

What about dwarf hamsters, can they eat it as well?

Yes, dwarf hamsters can eat cheese too, just make sure to give them even smaller servings than Syrian hamsters.

In Conclusion – Can Hamsters Have Cheese?

To sum things up, it’s perfectly fine to give your furry little friend a bit of cheese as long as you remember these guidelines:

  • Serve as a snack in small quantities, no more than 2-4 times a month.
  • Stick to unflavored mild low-fat (cottage) cheese.
  • Introduce it gradually.
  • Remove uneaten pieces from the cage, or else it will start to rot.

Good luck, and have fun! 🙂

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