Can Hamsters Eat Grapes?

YES, hamsters can eat grapes.

In fact, grapes are great treats. They are tasty, and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. A healthy supplement to your hamster’s diet.

But because the relatively high content of fructose (sugar) in grapes, you can’t give your hamster free access to it. Too much fructose could upset the digestive system, causing diarrhea.

With dwarf hamsters you need to be more careful, because they are prone to developing diabetes.

Can Hamsters Eat Grapes?

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Are Grapes Safe to Eat?

Even though grapes can cause toxic reactions in dogs (acute renal failure), they are in most cases perfectly safe for hamsters to eat.

Start Off Slowly

But as with all new foods, you have to be cautious when introducing it to your hamster. You should start off by serving only a small test piece and see what the reaction is.

Loose stool or diarrhea could be signs that your hamster is oversensitive or even allergic (or just an upset stomach).

If your hamster is unwilling to eat the small test piece, or if it’s showing any of the above signs, grapes might not be the treat for it. But no worries, there are plenty of other treats to feed your hammy with (e.g. apples).

However, if your hamster likes the taste and doesn’t exhibit any negative effects, then perfect! You could start to feed your little friend with tasty grapes.

It’s important to start slowly with only one grape per week. The stomach needs time to adjust to new foods. Especially foods that are acidic and high in sugar.

Our Recommendations

  • Peel and rinse the grape. Traces of pesticides could be harmful.
  • Cut it into smaller pieces. They will be easier to eat and digest.
  • Give no more than one grape a day to Syrian hamsters. Dwarf and baby hamsters should be given even less.
  • Buy seedless grapes. Hamsters are small animals that run the risk of choking on the seeds. If you buy grapes with seeds, try to remove as many as possible.

Final Words of Advice

Some people wonder if there are any difference between red and green grapes. Well, apart from the color, there are no important dietary differences. Both types of grapes are good treats for hamsters.

But what about raisins? Can hamsters eat raisins?

Since raisins are nothing more than dried grapes, the answer is of course YES. But you need to remember that one raisin equals one grape, so don’t get fooled by its smaller size.

Remember, if you provide your pet with a nutritious food and healthy supplements, it will live longer!

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