Best Leash for Pit Bulls

When getting a pit bull for the first time, it can be difficult to know what kind of leash to buy.

That’s why I want to help find the best leash for you and your dog.

Best Dog Leash for Pit Bulls

Hurleco Leather Dog Leash

Best Leash for Pitbull
- Soft quality leather
- Heavy duty
- Ultrasonic whistle included

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Soft Touch Collars Dog Leash

Pit Bull Leash
- Two handles
- Quality leather
- Strong & durable
- Padded handle
- Elegant

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tobeDRI Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Best Dog Leash for Pit Bull
- Durable
- Two handles (both padded)
- Visible at night
- Cheap
- Nylon

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Before we take a closer look at the three top candidates, let me first mention the most common types of leashes.

Types of Leashes

  • Standard leash with a flat-buckle collar. Preferably in leather. Works with any dog.
  • Standard leash with a martingale collar (limited-slip). Great for dogs with thick necks and smaller heads, as it will prevent them from backing out of the collar.
  • Slip collar (or slip leads). Are great for most dogs, but maybe not for strong and powerful breeds like pit bulls.
  • Harness. If you want your pit bull to pull you around (e.g. while you ride your bike or use rollerblades), harness is the way to go. However, if you want to be able to correct and control your dog, using a harness is not the way to go.
  • Flexi leash (retractable). Used by many dog owners, but not recommended for pit bulls.
  • Longline leash. Great for training recalls, or to give your dog some freedom, without losing control. Unpractical for normal use.

Which Type Should You Choose?

For normal everyday use, I would strongly recommend pit bull owners to use #1 or #2.

Regardless if you opt for a flat-buckle collar or a martingale collar, I’d recommend that you buy a heavy duty high-quality standard leash made from leather. Having a strong and durable, but yet comfortable, leash is very important. Especially if you have very large dogs.

If your pit bull is a biter, and tries to chew on the leash, you may need to get a chain (or seek professional help from a trainer).


Now, let’s take a closer look at the three top choices. All of them are 6 ft long, which is the length most recommended by canine professionals.

Hurleco Military Grade Leather Leash

Hurleco Military Grade Leather Dog Leash is a brown braided leather leash that’s sold in a set together with an ultrasonic keychain whistle.

Just as all three reviewed products, it’s 6 ft long.  And at 7/8″ wide and 4 mm thick, this heavy duty leash is 1/8″ wider and 1/16″ thicker than the standard ones. Perfect for powerful medium and large dogs!

With a 4.7 rating, customers couldn’t be much happier with it. And if you take good care of this fairly priced leather product, it will last for a very long time.

The Hurleco leash’s only drawback is that it doesn’t have two handles. This means that you only have total control at 6 ft and not at close range.

  • Soft quality leather
  • Heavy duty
  • Ultrasonic whistle included
  • 100% money back guarantee for 1 year
  • Only one handle


Soft Touch Collars Dog Leash Review

Soft Touch Collars Braided Leather Dog Leash with Traffic Handle is a high-quality handmade leather leash that will last for a lifetime, if properly taken care of.

It’s available in two colors; black and brown.

Measuring 6 ft x 3/4″, this perfectly sized strong and durable leash will give you control over dogs of every size and shape. Especially as it has two handles; one at 6 ft, and one close to the collar (the so-called traffic handle).

The traffic handle is perfect for crowded streets or other tight situations when you need complete control over your canine friend.

And the regular handle at 6 ft has a soft padding, which makes the leash extra comfortable to use.

Even though the Soft Touch Collar leash is a bit expensive, the customers are extremely satisfied (4.8 rating!).

  • Quality leather
  • Two handles
  • Strong & durable
  • Elegant
  • Soft padded handle
  • Expensive


tobeDRI Heavy Duty Dog Leash Review

Even though I prefer leather leashes, I had to include the tobeDRI Heavy Duty Dog Leash because the customers love it. They have given it a whopping 4.8 rating!

It’s a 6 ft x 1″ 2-layer nylon leash that’s available in three colors; black, blue, and red.

There are several reasons why I like it. It’s durable, has two handles, has reflective stitching that allows for nighttime visibility, and is yet very cheap.

If you or some reason aren’t satisfied, tobeDRI offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Generally speaking, leather is better than nylon, as nylon leashes can burn your hands if your dog is a puller. But tobeDRI has solved this problem by padding both handles with soft neoprene foam to make sure your grip is both firm and comfortable.

However, a nylon leash can never last as long as a well-maintained high-quality leather leash.

  • Cheap
  • Two handles (padded)
  • 100% money back guarantee for 18 months
  • Durable
  • Visible at night
  • Nylon


If money is of no concern, the best leash for pit bulls is definitely the Soft Touch Collars Braided Leather Dog Leash.

But if you add money to the equation, things are not as clear any longer. Considering its very low price, I would have to pick the tobeDRI Heavy Duty Dog Leash as the winner. The value for money is incredible!

Before we wrap things up, if you have children, make sure to get a family-friendly pit bull.

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