Quiz: Can You Name The Dog Breed?

There are currently 360 breeds of dogs in the world, and I doubt you know them all.

To test your knowledge, I’ll show you 10 images, and your job is to identify the dog breeds.

Each image has four answers to choose from, but only one is correct.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

What's the name of this powerful dog breed?

This playful and energetic dog is named...

This is the world's tallest dog. Which breed is it?

What's the name is this cute little breed?

This is the world's most expensive dog breed. What's the name?

What's this small energetic breed called?

Can you name this popular breed?

What's this breed called?

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This very furry type of dog is called.... well, what?

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Final question: Do you know the name of this very large dog?

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